Saturday, May 7, 2011

Family Room Installation, Irvine

While still in the design process during the months leading up to a room installation, I stress and worry over seemingly insignificant details to any non-designer. This list of decisions and worries consists of things such as: getting the wood finish just right on the custom furniture pieces (satin, gloss, high gloss, cerused, bleached, dark stain, light stain, medium stain...); deciding which white paint color works best with our fabric color palette (white-white, grey-white, linen white...); how high or low I should hang the wall sconces above the fireplace mantle (centered at the mirror, slightly above, slightly below); the proper shape of the ottoman to fit the room (square or rectangle); selecting the right faux finish for the fireplace (not too dark and just enough gray), selecting the perfect artwork that compliments the design of the room, but also has interest and meaning for my clients (and don't get me started on the matte and framing options: thickness, color, material, texture...); the list goes on.

But on installation day, when I get to put it all together, all of the little decisions that had to be made leading up to that point, significant or otherwise, all seem to be worth the thought and worry that went in to them. Installation days are hands down my favorite day to be a designer.

Here are some photos of my installation that took place this past week in Irvine, CA. The lighting is bad and doesn't show the colors accurately because the sun was going down when we finished (yes, it was an all day affair), but this will give you a glimpse until I have my photographer come to do a shoot.

Before photo:

A couple of progress photos:

Finished product:

(please excuse the unsightly lamp cord...)

The drapery panels need to stay wrapped at the base for 3 days to ensure that they fall and fold properly...

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  1. Soooo nice, warm, cozy and most important liveable, realistic, great room you should be proud!!!!!!!!!!


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