Monday, December 17, 2012

Art Deco in Los Angeles

I went on an architectural walking tour in downtown that focused on Art Deco buildings. I enjoyed every part of it (except for the part where the tour guide would get mad at me for falling behind the group because I was staring too long or taking too many photos). Other than that it was truly inspirational!

Art Deco design has really beautiful and strong characteristics and even though an entire space dedicated to that style might not be my personal taste, incorporating certain Art Deco elements or pieces into an interior can add that extra needed layer. The shape of a building can be inspiration for a custom table, a coiffered ceiling can be adapted to a more contemporary dining room, and metal carvings around a door can be translated into embroidery designs for bedding or pillows. I'm finding that taking things from the past and putting my own spin on them is the best way to create layered and interesting interiors that have depth and are uniquely my own.

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