Friday, October 7, 2011

Visual Displays: California Gift Show

These are some photos from the California Gift Show displays that I put together. It was quite possibly the most stressful job I have ever taken on. The task was to create displays on 8 different floors showcasing product from the many different showrooms. The general direction I was given was pretty open ended, but just something that speaks of California. I had big plans, sketches and all, of how each floor was going to display a different well-known local in California. Although the locations would be different I wanted to have a very cohesive design where each of the floors are related.

 You can see that I didn't quite get that far. The showrooms are extremely stressed and busy come gift show time and most people aren't too concerned about little old me and the job that I have to do. So, although I had big hopes and dreams, the end result is what you see above; 5 very different schemes, some more closely related to California than others.

California themed or not, I'm just glad I got it all done and a big thanks to all of my family and friends who came to help, or at least visit, during my long hours at the Mart!

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  1. Brittany they look Awesome! I love your work in interior design and visual displays. I do the windows at the store Road Less Traveled in Santa Ana Ca. it's hard work and people don't think about how much time you actually have to put into planning a really good window display. Here is a blog post on the Summer window I did I would love to help you do windows :)


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