Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sisterly Love

These are some shots I took of my sister's finished living room, yay! It's actually been done for a while, but I don't think I ever posted these. We started with her sofa and coffee table and then reworked some  vintage pieces she already owned, which is always my favorite part. Then we added in some custom pillows, some accessories from various sources, threw in a hide rug, and there you have it. If I had to describe my sister's style it would be reclaimed wood, meets sparkly glam, meets shabby chic, meets sophisticated, meets functional, meets classic with a contemporary flair.


  1. I love our living room. You're amazing, and gave us exactly what we wanted . . well what I wanted anyway, because I didn't really ask Jeff what he wanted, since he is "not on the design committee." But he loves it, he told me ;) You got lots of compliments on the house today at the shower. And Jeff said tonight that he is ready to start on the master bedroom.

  2. I love this space. It is exactly the look I'm trying to achieve with our home!! Your sister is one lucky gal!!


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