Sunday, November 8, 2009

Showhouse Update

Kitchen Nook done by Ohara Davies-Gaetano

This past Wednesday was a bit crazy for me. I was leaving for New York and planned a few too many things to do right before I left. One of which was the Casa California design showhouse. I had to go before I left because when I got home from my trip, the tour would be over. But, I managed to fit everything in and still make my flight (It isn't entirely uncommon for me to miss my flights. In fact, I actually missed the one coming back from NY...oops).

Peter Dunham's study:

I love showhouses. I always enjoy some rooms more than others, but it's always inspiring and entertaining to see what different designers come up with when given a clean slate. Based on my own personal style and taste, I would rate Peter Dunham's study (shown above) my favorite for his use of color, accessories, and styling. Timothy Corrigan's living room and the master bedroom retreat done by Michael Berman were also stunning (below). I also really enjoyed Harte Brownlee's family room - their attention to detail was incredible. And I can't forget to mention the powder bath done by Melissa Palazzo of Pal + Smith. I adored her flocked wallpaper and use of vintage pieces.

Timonthy Corrigan's living room:

Michael Berman's master suite:

Harte Brownlee family room:
Melissa Palazzo's powder room:

I don't think I was suppose to take photos (but to my defense I didn't see a sign telling me not to), but I snuck a few when no one was around, and the rest of the photos are from the OC Register (see more photos and read the article here).

Dining room by David Pheonix:

Guest suite designed by John Wallace Benecke:

Exterior of the house in Shady Canyon:

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