Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Decorating

Three years ago I started holiday decorating for a client in Dana Point. She has an amazing home overlooking the ocean, so it's basically like I have an office with a view for the three days that I spend decorating her home for Christmas. Who can argue with that?

Her house has a really earthy, rustic feel and her main request is that the decorations mesh well with her existing decor and furnishings. I could spend days and weeks shopping for wreaths and garland with all of the perfect elements to coordinate with our desired look and feel, so instead, I buy plain greenery and then make custom wreaths and garland. I start from scratch every year, so I use the same color scheme, but each year the decor turns out a little different! She loves ribbon and bows mixed with sparkly poinsettias and ornaments. I keep everything in rusts, browns, and golds to blend well with her furnishings and wall color. This year I integrated wood and bark type elements with feathers nestled in the garland to add to the woodland, rustic feel.

Here are some photos of the festive decor...

Wreaths on the front gate.

I was really happy with how this family room mantle turned out. This past year we had these cushions and pillows custom made to fit around her fireplace so this is the first time that I got to see the finished space decked out for Christmas. Having the cushions and pillows around the fireplace adds to the cozy Christmas vibe and the colors in the garland fit right in.

This is the living room mantle. We both decided we really liked the loose hanging look instead of propping the greenery up on the mantle.

There was actually a lot more greenery throughout her home but it was dark by the time it was completed and my camera flash + shiny reflective ribbon and ornaments = not so great photos. If I go back over before Christmas, I'll have to snag some more photos.

If you or anyone you know wants to get decked out for the holidays but doesn't have a lot of time, give me a call and I'll have you feeling festive in no time. Or, if you only want one strand of garland or a wreath, check out my holiday etsy shop here for custom options. Happy decorating!

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