Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I had a great time with my family and had one of the best ever Thanksgiving feasts thanks to my mother's amazing cooking.

My family use to do huge get together Thanksgivings. You know the ones, with our entire extended family, complete with a buffet/potluck style meal served on plastic plates with extra folding tables set up throughout the house. Real classy. But for the past few years it has just been my immediate family (7 total plus 2 brother-in-laws) plus a couple of friends/boyfriends/aunt, etc. As much as we like our extended family and all of our friends, we all decided that we sort of like saving the large parties for Christmas Eve, and keeping our Thanksgiving more formal and intimate. It is now a sit down dinner with Grandma's real silverware and my mom's beautiful china. I love it!

I wasn't originally planning on doing anything to the table because I don't live near my parent's house (6 hour drive) so I would have had to pack up everything and haul it with me, not to mention I was crazy busy before I left, but after I got inspired by all of those beautiful Thanksgiving tablescapes I posted about yesterday, I decided I better whip something together.

Below (and above) are some photos of what I came up with. I wasn't in love with the flower selection, but I worked with what I had at 6:00 the night before (every store was completely picked over, of course). A lot of the other items are things my mom had laying around or away in storage. I actually sewed together the table runner this morning with some of my mom's left over fabric and my brother helped me print and put together the place cards. Before before I knew it, we had a pretty decent Thanksgiving table! Take a look...

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