Saturday, January 30, 2010

Succulent Wedding Bouquets

I love weddings! My good friend Bethany got married today and I was so happy to make her bridal bouquets for her. Bethany and her groom, Taylor, have a funky/vintage/hipster style so I wasn't too surprised when she requested succulent bouquets instead of traditional flowers. I wasn't super familiar with succulents or how exactly I was going to make them into bouquets, but I was up to the challenge. Here are my potted succulents, pre-bouquet construction...

It took me a minute to play around with the thick stems and see how the different types of succulents worked together, but my favorite part was that the succulents weren't perfect or symetrical, which created kind of wild-looking bouquets. Soon enough, I had the bride's bouquet finished along with 6 bridesmaids' bouquets. Here are some quick photos I took today, but I can't wait to see and share the professional photos from their big day.

I loved making these bouquets for darling Bethany. She's such an amazing girl and I am so happy for her and Taylor, not to mention they throw a killer wedding, I had so much fun! Thanks for letting me share this day with you two! xoxo

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