Friday, January 29, 2010

Pink and Blue

After all the buzz about Eddie Ross' window design for Bloomingdale's "Big Window Challenge" I've been really into pink and blue rooms. Not really pastels, but more bold shades. Here is a little sampling of Eddie Ross' window design (read more about the process on Eddie's blog, here), along with some other pink and blue rooms that I really love.

{Eddie's window design.}

{Not sure who the designer is, but I love the eclectic vibe and the large pattern on the pink and white pillows.}

{Krista Ewart's dining room, as featured in Domino magazine. I dig that painting and the pom pom trim on the stool.}

{Vignette from House Beautiful. Bringing in pops of pink with flowers is never a bad idea.}

{Ashley Whitaker's killer dining room, also from House Beautiful. Love it!}


  1. So you're saying I need to add some pink to my blue room? I like it!

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet post! your support means the world to us!!!

  3. Mel - Yes, that is exactly what I'm saying! Although I don't think Brian will go for it...

    Eddie - Holy Moly! Eddie Ross read my blog... I've arrived!


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