Saturday, January 23, 2010

Farmer's Daughter & Tart

I had such a fun weekend. My really good friend Bethany is getting married next Saturday (yay!) so this weekend all of her really good girlfriends celebrated her last days of single-dom LA style. Bethany's friend Kelly planned quite the weekend for us; complete with good food, dancing, D list celebrities, and boutique hotel accommodations. My trips to LA usually consist of home furnishings stores, thrift shops, the Staples Center, and FIDM back in the day, so I always love it when I get a chance to see new sides of the city. The style and interior of every place we went had it's own vibe and personality, so I wanted to highlight the various stops of our weekend-o-fun. But as I started gathering photos, I realized I had way too much info for one post, so I'm going to make a couple of different bachelorette party installments.

The first is the Farmer's Daughter Hotel and the attached Tart restaurant. Located right by the Farmer's Market, this boutique hotel had a really fun and unique style. It's modern chic meets The Little Red Hen. Take a look...

For brunch Saturday morning we ate at Tart. Such good food (I got the veggie hash and pancakes), and an equally good design aesthetic.

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