Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dining Room Chairs

I had seen these chairs around and always loved the eiffel base. While I like to keep my interiors, especially my own personal space, interesting and unique, I decided I didn't care if the "Danish modern table with the white plastic modern chairs" was completely overdone - it's a great look that I love, so I did it anyway. Not to mention that those chairs are a steal. I purchased them from this eBay seller.

We now have a place to eat, which, let's be honest, is the most important thing. My little dining room still needs artwork and window treatments, and possibly a rug, so there will be more posts to follow. On that wall behind my table that is shown in the photo at top, I've decided that I want to do an oversized custom bulletin board like my good friend Thomas O'Brien. He did a complete post about it here, (photos shown directly above). I love collecting and displaying ideas, which is why I keep this blog, and I've mentioned before that I have always kept bulletin boards around. But I think putting a giant one in the dining area for all to see will really make it a piece of interesting art that I can and will add to over time.

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  1. Beautiful chairs! I couldn't help but mention how lovely a rug ties the decor in a room. More often than not, it reflects the room's style. Carpet Cleaning Materials


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