Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On every monthly calendar I make room for the Venice Beach flea market. I love its small size and convenience. I've scored some fun treasures there in the past and Saturday was no exception. I have this growing love for hand-made, imperfect ceramics, so those two little pots ($2 each) were a perfect addition to my growing collection. 

I was torn about the lamp, it's kind of rusty and looks super granny, but the more I look at it, in all it's shadeless glory sitting on my desk, the more I like it. I need to do a little research on a remedy for rusty brass though.

You can never go wrong with a simple drawing. They fit such a wide variety of interiors. I'm going to have this one re-matted in an off-white, it will give the piece a much cleaner, more contemporary look. I was drawn to the red ink that the artist used and the frame is also really pretty and in great shape.
(side note: The proper color matting makes such an impact on a piece of artwork. To re-mat this particular piece it will be about $10 at a mom and pop frame shop. So worth it.)

Giant brass shells. Enough said. 

I'm gearing up for my second One Kings Lane tastemaker tag sale! It will take place on June 1, 2012. I've been accumulating so much great stuff to sell; this is just a little snipit and I'll continue to share little glimpses up until the time of the sale. However, the line between collecting for One Kings Lane and collecting for my new aparment has become very blurred. Now that I'm accessorizing with some of my One Kings Lane inventory, I'm going to have a harder time parting with it. It's a problem.


  1. I need to take you to the flea market with me. Sounds like you find all the good stuff. Those cups rock.

  2. Ok where is the Venice Flea Market. I live in Manhattan Beacha and go to Santa Monica, Long Beach, etc. Where is the Venice one. I always score fun deals at the flea markets although I think the East Coast is still better price wise. Dying over those brass shells and once you discover the secret for the brass please post. I got a killer bamboo ceramic lamp from my old neighbor but the need to fix the brass on the bottom. i love scoring great deals. Check out the glasses I scored - love them.

  3. My mom had a lot of brass in the house I grew up in and we used to think it was fun to polish it (kudos to my mom for however she convinced us of this). She used some kind of liquid brass polish and we just rubbed it with a rag and made the pieces good as new! I'll see if I can find out what she used.


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