Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Definition of Classic

There are certain things that were never in style, contrary to popular belief (Lay-Z-Boy recliners, carpeted living rooms, those miniature backpacks circa 1995).  Then there are other things that are super cool one minute, and then so out of date the next (gray stained wood flooring, glass back splash tile, perms, anything from Z Gallerie). And lastly, there are things that were fabulous 50 plus years ago that are still just as fabulous today (marble, Mid-Century design, exposed cabinet hinges, chesterfield sofas, painted and non-painted brick) . As an interior designer, I feel like it is my responsibility to know the difference when specifying furnishings for my clients. While it's okay to add a little bit of trendy here and there, I like to keep it to things that can easily and inexpensively be swapped out if that fad fades in the next year or so (e.g. pillows, table top accessories, accent tables and chairs). I try to specify classic elements for the main pieces in a space to keep the look sophisticated and just a little bit timeless.

Every time I see a photo of Hans Wegner's wishbone chair (designed in 1944) I always think about how classic it looks. Definitely a chair that will never go out of style; it fits perfectly into any modern setting, or throw it in to a traditional space to mix things up.

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