Saturday, January 7, 2012

Let's Build a Room / 01

2012 is (hopefully) going to be full of getting back to basics. There's something about putting a room together that puts a huge smile on my face. And as it is my profession, as well as my passion, I'm going to stay more focused on developing myself as a designer and sharing this growth with you throughout the year.

Soon I will be sharing with you some of my favorite projects that I completed in 2011, but I'm also going to start putting virtual rooms together specifically for my design journal. Here is the first installment: a room inspired by the artwork of Greek artist Konstantin Kakanias found here.

Lately I've been interested in single rooms that serve mutliple purposes, such as: a family room with a craft corner or game table, an office with a space for client meetings, or in this case a living room with a small work area. Learning how to find pieces that work together to create these multi-functional spaces is especially important for those of us living in smaller spaces, such as studio apartments, or a home with only one living space.

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