Thursday, December 15, 2011

New York

I just got home from New York and like always, that city left me wanting more. Being there at Christmas time made it even more magical. And Blogshop....can't say enough good things. Angela and Bri are such fanstatic, talented, stylish ladies and I feel so lucky to have been taught by them. My Photoshop skills improved about a million times and I had so much fun! I can't wait to implement everything that I learned into my blog.

images by Angela taken at Blogshop

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  1. I love New York, I'm only 2 hours from the city.

  2. so cute! and new york loves YOU
    so happy you girls came to visit. i hope we can make it a regular thing. or that i can be a better convincer for you to just move here. not that i can't talk up the city enough! what more do i have to say? haha

  3. So awesome! I took blogshop with Bri and Angela back in Sept and loved it!! Your animation = too cute!

  4. i like your gif, i can't wait in the near future to go to Blogshop.

  5. ha! love this. you are a doll. glad you had fun!


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