Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas in a Duffy Boat

This year for Christmas, my brothers, my parents, and my aunt joined my sisters and I in Orange County, instead of us all making the trek up to Northern California. I appointed myself chair of Christmas activities so that would wouldn't just end up sitting around night after night watching Hallmark movies together. Although that is good family bonding, we laugh a lot harder at ourselves and at each other when we are doing some type of adventurous activity.

I'm not sure if a Duffy boat in the canals of Long Beach count as adventurous, but it sure beat Hallmark movies when it came to making Christmas memories. My brother captained our vessel as 10 of us cruised around Naples island and looked at all of the Christmas pretty while sipping our hot cocoa. This satisfied my mother's need to see a ton of Christmas lights and we seriously had the best time. A "must do" holiday activity for anyone within a 50 mile radius.

image of long beach harbor during Christmas found here 

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