Sunday, November 7, 2010


I just got back from a road trip with bestfriend, Kelli, to visit another bestfriend, Kelly, who lives in Eureka. She has lived up there for a while, but I hadn't ever made the trek that far north, but I'm so glad I did this weekend. I know everyone talks about autumn on the east coast, but I think Northern California makes a pretty good case for itself in terms of fall beauty. The orange, gold, and red, trees and vinyards on the drive up and back were seriously amazing. We were loving every minute of it.

Another highlight of the weekend was last night's art walk in downtown Eureka and our visit to Shipwreck. Shipwreck is this adorable shop that sells handmade items (jewlery, cards, hats, headbands, paintings, etc.) and vintage treasures. I scored a dress, two shirts, and a watch, all for just $57. The prices were great, the shop was cute, and the proprietors have some seriously great taste in the items they choose to sell.

I wanted these heels, why does it seem like every pair of vintage shoes I try on is 4 sizes too small?

You can check out their website here, or visit one of their online etsy shops:

Special thanks to Mel & Brian for my brithday snood. I wore it all over Eureka because it was perfect snood weather. I love it!

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