Monday, November 15, 2010


I'm stressed. Not the, complaining and whining kind of stressed, but more the "I'm really grateful to be so busy with work", kind of stressed. Naturally I have decided to blog instead of checking things off my giant to do list. Blogging really is an amazing stress reliever.

About my freshman year in high school I had to start wearing reading glasses. My eyesight is decreasing with my age, and now I can't really do anything in front of me (read, eat, design, type, shop...) without wearing glasses. For the longest time I have HATED wearing glasses. I tried contacts in several different prescriptions, but for some reason my vision is a little fuzzy. Also, I'm far sided, so as far as I know I am not a candidate for Lasik. This leads me to my recent change in attitude and me embracing my glasses. Every time I get new glasses, they get bigger and I always go with thick dark frames (I'm currently sporting the black Oakley Muffler). I figure if I have to wear glasses I may as well make a statement. But now that I'm embracing wearing glasses all the time, I decided I need a little variety, a second pair to change things up.

I'm on the hunt for the perfect tortoise frames, even bigger in size than my Oakley's. I really wanted the ones from J. Crew pictured at the top of this post, but they are no longer available, so here is what I've come up with from a little bit of online shopping.

From Eye Bob:

On ebay for just $12:

From Prism London (via Blusey Mood):


And since everything I do somehow cycles back to interiors, below are some really pretty tortoise furnishings that will go perfectly with my new glasses. All via 1st Dibs.

Gorgeous tortoise framed mirror, I would love to own this. From Mary Ann Jones.

Killer commode. From Thomas Jeffrey.

Tortoise bamboo coffee table. From Era Vintage Modern.

Modern tortoise coffee table. From Gracie.

Toirtoise glaze lamps. From Irwinfeld Design.

Beautiful leather tortoise club chairs. From Red.

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  1. Have you looked into Warby Parker ( All of their frames are $95, and if you purchase from them, they donate a pair to someone in need. They have a lot of different tortoise options, and their home try-on program is great! I have already used it and it is definitely no fuss.


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