Friday, November 5, 2010

31 Bits

This past Tuesday night I went to an Uganda awareness night at my friend's church. She has been to Uganda twice on mission trips and it has really affected and changed her life for the better, so I was excited to hear more about it all. The main part of the night was hearing from some young, entreprenuerial do-gooders that are making a difference by employing Ugandans and providing them with more opportunities to learn and become educated in all aspects of life, while earning a steady income for themselves and their families.

I'm a sucker for a good entreprenuerial success story, and because all of these businesses were rooted in such a worthy cause, that just made it all the better. One such company is 31 Bits. After 5 girls took a missions trip to Uganda in 2008, they felt guided and inspired to do something more. After seeing the beautiful jewelry that the Ugandan women make, they decided to be the avenue by which these Ugandan women could sell their jewlery to a larger audience in the United States. A company that began employing 6 Ugandan women, now provides a steady job for 60+ women in Uganda. Incredible.

There are so many cool pieces of jewelry that you can browse through in their online shop, and 31 Bits also just partnered with Reef to make the very cleverly named, Ugandals. Check it all out here.

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