Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dabbling with Graphic Design

Inspiration photos

When I was getting my bachelor's in visual arts before I attended FIDM for interior design, I took quite a few graphic design classes where I was able to acquire a few Photoshop and Illustrator skills. Even though interiors are where my heart is, I have managed to make room in my sometimes busy design schedule to dabble in other arts, such as: photography (still need some serious help there, the technical side really weighs me down), sewing and crafting (sold one of my Etsy stockings today, yay!), floral design (can't wait to do the flowers for my roommate's upcoming nuptials), and graphic design.

Usually most of my dabbling is for myself and Brittany Stiles Interior Design, but the past 2 days I worked on a promotional flier for my hair stylist and now really good friend, Ali Jara. She's super hip, a little bit funky, and loves modern/urban style. All of those things combined with her likes of gold, black, peacock feathers, layered graphics, and natural beauty were the inspiration for the flier. Ali also gave me some inspiration magazine clippings, which are shown at the top of this post. Here is the finished product (of course we'll have to swap out the photo of Kristen Stewart, it's just a filler photo for now). {And don't forget to call Ali if you're looking for an amazing stylist!}

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