Monday, December 14, 2009


I just received an email about a program that 3-Form is offering to designers called "3-Form Direct Cut-to-Order". Direct Cut-to-Order will allow designers to choose from 9 of 3-Form's most popular designs, cut to any specified size, and delivered within 2 weeks. That's remarkably fast for any type of architectural product.

3-Form panels are pretty amazing and can be used a countless number of ways in commercial, and even residential, interiors. They are eco friendly panels that can be ordered to a specified size and are installed for any interior application, such as counter or desk tops, wall partitions, or decorative wall or ceiling art. 3-Form has different material options for the structure of each panel (glass, resin, etc.) and several different options for the inner material or design. But one of the best parts about 3-Form is that you can submit or specify any design or object of your choice (personal photographs, artwork, fabric, etc.) and they will turn it into an architectural panel.

Nathan and I used a 3-Form panel in one of our very first projects, the Molly Moon hair salon in Long Beach. We needed a separation between the reception/lounge area and the hair cutting stations. The "Thatch" design from the Varia-Organics collection was the perfect fit for the modern/organic vibe requested by Molly.

{Thatch design}

{Molly Moon seating area}

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