Thursday, May 10, 2012

Freshening Up on Balboa Island

Balboa Island is one of the quaintest parts of Newport Beach. Almost every time my family comes to visit in the summer we find time to bike down to the island and take the ferry across to the peninsula. Many of the houses on the island have been remodeled and transformed into adorable beach cottages, which makes the bike ride that much more enjoyable for me as a passer-by. 

It was such a privileged to work with this particular client on their already pretty fabulous summer home. Updated traditional architectural elements were already in place and provided the perfect canvas for a little face-lift.

Somehow I never get tired of blue and white. I wonder if I didn't design so many homes along the coast if my color palette would differ more... I actually never intentionally set out to be a beach house designer and I still don't like to define myself as such, but looking back at my projects over the past few years since I've been designing on my own, most of them have resided in beach cities, and that's just fine with me. 

Afterall, if I could pick anywhere to live in the world, it would be by the beach. I have a short list of places that I want to live before I die and sure enough, most of them are coastal towns. 

A big thank you to my photographer, Stacey Sutherland, and my assistant Kelli for making these four little photos possible.


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  2. Oh, how I adore Balboa Island!! Beautiful work, I love the coffee table and fabrics!! Balboa is one of my most favorite places!!


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