Friday, February 24, 2012


I've decided that unpacking is significantly more fun than packing. Something about a clean slate and a fresh start and the chance to purge excess stuff that has been weighing you down for, in my case, 8 years. I only took things with me to my new apartment that I really love and need. Everything else was given away to friends and neighbors or hauled away to Goodwill in one of my 5 different drop offs. 

I spent a good 2 hours putting my dishes into their proper place in my cupboards, mostly because I kept stopping to stare in amazement at how neat and organized everything was. (I'd show you a photo of the cupboards at my last home, but you would most definitely think less of me.)

My sister asked me to text her photos of my unpacking progress so these are 2 of the photos I took with my phone, all featuring things that I love and most definitely can't live without: vintage goblets and glasses, everyday glasses, cute serving bowls, industrial mixing bowls, my moccasins, and about 1/4 of my design magazine collection. 

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  1. I can't wait for your first dinner party. Let me know what I can bring! You need to post up a picture of your new table. I love it!


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