Saturday, February 25, 2012

Today on Craigslist

People have told me that I have an eye for seeing diamonds in the ruff when it comes to home furnishings. I don't think that I've always had that knack, it's definitely something that I've developed over the years of observing good design. I shop on Craigslist, eBay, thrift stores, and flea markets regularly, but my treasure hunting has sort of been on overdrive now that I'm trying to furnish my new place.

I'm entertaining the thought of getting a new vanity to give me a little more storage and counter space in my little bathroom. I came across this beauty in my search. It's a little too big to fit into my space so one of you should snatch it up. Straight out of Whittier California, it is made of an antique side board and fitted with a carerra marble top and Kohler sink. At $1200 (and it's Craigslist so you can most definitely haggle for a little better price) you can't go wrong. I can't tell you how much more character this will add to your bathroom than something like this that is more expensive. And check out the same look from Restoration Hardware for double the price.

Snag it here.

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  1. My friends make fun of me because when I put things together and they comment on something and ask where i got it - it's usually Target, Home Goods, a thrift Shop, a Flea Market and they can't believe it when i tell them what I paid for it. Seeing the diamond in the rough is a gift and frankly sometimes I wish my pocketbook could afford some of those little gems I find LOL! That's a score and would look AMAZING in someones bano! I picture it with peonies in a vase and a jar full of soaps - love it.


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