Friday, November 18, 2011

Malin Elmlid / FVF

This is Malin Elmlid. A pretty classy lady from Sweden who now resides in Berlin.

She reminds me that just because I don't have space for a garden, that doesn't mean I shouldn't start growing and collecting plants. Look how happy they are inside? Even just small potted plants can add so much life to an interior.

Such a pretty and collected vignette (below). Doesn't have a contrived feeling, which is what I strive for when styling and designing interiors. Sometimes I am more successful than others. 

I'm always interested in peoples' kitchens. Because it's such a functional space, I love to see how others organize and display.

I'm all about bookcases. Messy ones, organized ones, color coordinated, you name it. The whole Kindle thing kind of scares me because I don't ever want bookcases to become obsolete. They are just way too beautiful.

More and more of my favorite sources for interior inspiration are becoming stylish, interesting and eclectic peoples' homes who haven't hired a designer. There is so much personality and interest in spaces that are collected throughout their life (long or short). This is something that I wish to give each of my clients, but I have to admit that it's difficult a lot of the time. It requires a lot of effort on the part of the client as well, and not just the designer. They have to be willing to let you in to their world quite a bit and do a lot of homework and looking on their own. The client also has to be willing to let go, and let some of their lives be on display in their home even if that means a little bit of organized chaos.

I remember Thomas O'Brien talking about this a year ago when I went to hear him speak at the LA Mart. He said that jobs where clients send their assistant with a giant budget to work with him to complete the house don't interest him. He said that he requires a lot from his clients and that that is what produces the most successful outcome.  

I found Malin here, through Freunde Von Freunden. I think he's sort of like a German Selby, and frankly, who doesn't love the Selby?

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  1. Great blog you have here! Love this home tour. I was wondering if it was a Selby tour but your last sentence answered that question for me!


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