Monday, November 7, 2011


My best friends and I are really into extending birthdays into the weekend, and for mine we decided to go camping. It is one of our absolute favorite things to do together, even if it is just for one night at a campsite 40 minutes away.

I'm new to this term called "glamping", a merging of glamorous camping. It isn't something that I've done before, or realistically probably ever will do. I generally sleep in whatever tent has room for me in a sleeping bag on the ground. Showering is rare. However, we do always manage to eat some pretty gourmet meals (bbq chicken and strawberry spinach salad with Dutch oven peach cobbler for dessert).

However, if I ever do become a glamper, this is what I imagine...

I would sleep in a place like this...

And I would definitely be wearing something like this...

In all seriousness though, I really do think a pair of duck boots are in order this season. Happy glamping!


  1. I have always wanted a pair of those boots too!! I love the tents and want one next time I go glamping!!

  2. mhmm loove that last girls get-up!!


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