Tuesday, September 13, 2011

eBay Find: Mannequin Heads

Lately I've had a hankering to incorporate a couple of these vintage mannequin heads into some of my decor. So far, none of my clients have gone for it. I can't imagine why.

found here


  1. No no...they are not at all creepy! (that is, if you are referring to the beautiful faces on the mannequin heads on this blog.??) Perhaps you would feel more comfortable if they were modeling some really neat millinery....like those you see in the old movies.

    With or without a hat....I love them...and I only wish I had a face that pretty.

  2. I love mannequin heads...I have a grouping in my den...they add interest like nothing else can. Great conversation piece...also gave me the opportunity to buy a couple of vintage hats I though were wonderful...of course, I think out side the box. Try it sometime, it's fun. The heads on this blog can be found at www.crunkleton.com ... one day when you liberate your creative juices take a look at them and try decorating with one or two...Brittany did... and we all know how creative SHE is.

  3. Thanks for the plug about Mannequin Heads being great used as part of the decor in a room. Many people are reluctant to venture outside the "box".... Personally I can not immagine purchasing and displaying a mannequin head topped with a goregous vintage hat being thinking outside the box. I have about 200 of them in my studio and am just a normal person, I am told. smile ...(I accidently ran across this blog and had to comment.) Sincerely,Marge Crunkleton www.crunkleton.com


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