Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Joan Mitchell

After perusing "Artful Approach" from March's issue of Elle Decor, I became obsessed with the artwork of Joan Mitchell (1925-1992). There was something about the painting (shown below) that I fell in love with.

I started to do a little more research on Joan and fell more and more in love her work. 2 weekends ago my friend Paula and I went to the LACMA and viewed the Renoir exhibit, but I was even more excited when I saw in their contemporary art gallery an original Joan Mitchell, "East Ninth Street" (1956) (no photography allowed). Here is a little collection of some of Joan Mitchell's beautiful abstract expressionist paintings.

I've decided that one day I'll own an original Joan Mitchell, but until then I've had a couple of friends suggest just recreating one with my own canvas and paints. I haven't decided if I'm going to attempt it yet, but if I do, that would definitely be a post worth blogging about - whether to laugh at my failure, or applaud my success. (Something tells me that it will probably be the former.)

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  1. I love Joan Mitchell too! Her gesture and color combinations are so soulful! Thank you for posting these!


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