Friday, February 19, 2010


On a normal day, my clients rely on me and my professional experience to recommend really good and unique home furnishing vendors that fit their style and design aesthetic. But I will admit that sometimes the reverse happens and my clients introduce me to cool new resources that I've never before heard of. Although I feel in some ways that they're sort of doing my job for me (which is not really a good thing...), I still love it when it when they bring new resources to my attention.

Someone very wise once said, "A designer is only as good as their resources" (Nathan was that you?), and it's so true! So a big thanks goes out to Dan and Cynthia for introducing me to Los Angeles based furniture company Lawson-Fenning. It's modern furniture, but each piece has it's own unique characteristics. It's not the same old modern we've seen before. It's a little bit mid century, a little bit danish, with a contemporary twist. My client purchased the Dillon chair (shown above), and here are a few other cool pieces from their collection. Lawson-Fenning also sells vintage pieces in their showroom, also featured on 1st Dibs, here.

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