Saturday, February 27, 2010

Frame Anything

I've been getting more and more excited and interested in artwork lately. I'll admit when I first started designing, artwork sort of terrified me. I was always a little nervous that what I selected was going to be too bold, or too boring, or too generic and kill my beautifully designed room. I'm a lot more comfortable with it now and am a firm believer that you can pretty much frame anything interesting and turn it into art.

We're nearing the ending of the dining room design for my client in Huntington Beach, so naturally, that brought us to artwork. She showed me these simple, but cool, wine box tops and asked if there was anything we could do with them. I knew they would instantly become classy and interesting pieces of art once we had them matted and framed! We both were really happy with how they turned out and especially how they helped finish off the room.



The room is almost finished, we're just waiting on the espresso hexagon wainscoting for the walls. Normally I wouldn't have hung the artwork up so high, but the wainscoting will start just a couple inches below the bottom of the frames, so it won't look so awkward once it's all completed. I can't wait!

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