Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Coffee Shop Inspiration

As part of a proposal for a Newport Beach coffee shop, I included a quick digital concept board and concept space plan to help ensure that the owner and I are on the same page. This is by no means the final design, but it's helpful to provide potential clients with a taste of what they can expect from the design process so that they get a feel for my aesthetic and ideas particular to their space. It can also give them a little more confidence in handing over the reigns of the project.

I really love designing small retail/commercial spaces; it's sort of where my world of residential interior design and visual merchandising collide. The goal for this space is to turn it into a beach friendly, modern coffee shop where old and young, surf bum and surf sophisticate, male and female can all enjoy a local cup of jo on their way to work or surf.


  1. Goodness, you'll have to let us know when it is done. Next time I'm in Newport Beach, I'll make a special stop because if this space were in Oakland, I'd go every single day. Gorgeous choices! I LOVE the green.

  2. Wow! The idea is so amazing! Yes it is inspirational idea indeed. I'm lovin it.
    Kenneth bordewick


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