Monday, November 26, 2012

The Manhattan Apartment of John Robshaw

The cover of Elle Decor really caught my eye this month. So much so that I almost bought it off the shelf instead of waiting for my copy to come in the mail. This is the Manhattan home of John Robshaw. I didn't know that by looking at the cover photo, but judging by the wonderful mix of fabric and furnishings I wasn't surprised when I found it out. He's a master of textile design; traveling the globe 3 months out of the year to get inspired and work with artisans from Central and South East Asian and India, among other regions and cultures rich with pattern and color. His approach is to find ways to improve upon their original and historically rooted designs to make them deeper and more relevant in a contemporary setting. His ability to layer, mix, and match is captured so effortlessly in his living space shown above (and throughout the rest of his home). It's something that I am constantly trying to achieve and improve upon in my own aesthetic.


  1. This apartment of John Robshaw look great to me and he is doing great work with profession by contribute to contemporary design.

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