Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday List

So for the passed 2 hours the plan was to clean my extremely unorganized and messy office. Instead, I was birthday shopping online. My birthday is in exactly one week and here is my want list, just FYI.

Faux leather scuba jacket from Collection B.

Linus Roaster in white. Got to have the 3 speed. With the hill up to my house from the beach, purchasing a 1 speed bike is a mistake you only make once.

I'm in love with these earrings, from In God We Trust.

I started to pick it apart, but then decided that I wanted this whole outfit from J. Crew.

But specifically this...

These are on sale!

I'm in to juicing these days (specifically orange carrot juice, which I currently just buy from Jamba Juice, but think of the possibilities if I had my very own juicer?!). I found this one on Amazon, it's pretty and stainless, nothing's worse than an unsightly appliance.

This watch...

Or this one...

Yep...that should leave me good for another year.


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