Thursday, September 16, 2010

Online Magazines

How do we feel about them? I can't really decide. Of course I'd rather have an online magazine than no magazine at all, and over the past two years I've had to say good bye to House & Garden, Domino, Southern Accents, and Metropolitan Home. Here are a couple of online magazines that I've checked out recently...



They both have beautiful photos and some great resources and stories, but there's still just something about holding the magazine in your hands and physically flipping through its pages. Not to mention that my little laptop doesn't have the largest screen, so it's not optimal for drooling over interior photos in an online publication.

Some of the plus' are that Lonny has a view setting where you can flip through the magazine with hyperlinks for all of the resources and websites mentioned in the pages. It makes research and design stalking a lot quicker and easier. And both of the magazines have "photo galleries" where they compile all of the fabulous images into neatly organized categories that are easy to search and view. Not to mention, both of these online publications are free :)

At the end of the day, I hope there's room for both online and print magazines in the design world, as they both have their benefits, and I hope that I won't be saying good bye to any more of my printed shelter mags any time soon.

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