Monday, August 9, 2010

Graduation Party

My sister's husband just got his masters degree in sports management, so my sister decided to throw him a little fiesta. She enlisted the help of me and my other sister Mikken, and together we threw a pretty festive party. Melissa wanted to do a vintage baseball theme to go along with Brian's favorite sport and his new found degree, so here's what we came up with...

We printed black and white vintage baseball pictures, posters, and memorabilia on cream paper, combined with other red and blue paper, and then used that for the pendant banners (which are apparently called "bunting" in the crafting world), pendant flags, and we also used scraps of the vintage prints to decoupage the centerpiece pots that we purchased at the thrift store. I arranged some gerbera daisies in the pots and added more pendant flags to add to the baseball theme. Then we added mason jars full of peanuts and licorice to complete the tables. My mom tied the pendant flags into the cupcakes by making miniature ones out of toothpicks (nicely done Mom!).

It was a whole week's worth of crafting, but it was so fun and so worth it! Congrats Brian!

The invitation. I photoshopped over an old baseball ticket...

My sister is quite the baker and she made these adorable baseball bat and ball cookies as a party favor...


  1. What a fun party! I love the theme and all of the creative decorations, great work! I've been interested in party planning myself as a designer and love your blog and what you do in your company. I'd love to chat with you sometime:)

  2. It looks like that there is going to be a great party. The decorations and everything is well prepared. I wish I can join that very special event. That is going to be fun.

  3. So cool. Love a good theme party with details to match.


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