Thursday, April 8, 2010


I'm obsessed with onyx. The obsession started about a week ago and now I'm just waiting for the perfect project to come along where I can use this beautiful stone. The only problem is that I haven't heard good things about onyx's durability. Last week while at the Arizona Tile showroom, I saw this large piece of pinkish/purple onyx on display. I fell in love and asked the showroom rep for a sample. He made this concerned face and then asked what I was going to use it for. I said, "A kitchen?" and he was like, "Hmmm, it's really not good for kitchen counters, it's not very durable and scratches easily." So I said, "How about a bathroom?" and he said, "Yeah, it's really not good for bathrooms either." This left me a little confused... if you can't walk on it, or use it for bathrooms or kitchens, what is it good for? And more importantly, if Arizona Tile is talking their customers out of a product, then why even have it on the showroom floor?

It was only a day later that I saw my good friend Sarah on HGTV talk about using an antique onyx sink in her new farmhouse powder room. After a little more research I came to the conclusion that I can basically use onyx for whatever I want, but it is porus and scratches easily, so proceed with caution.

I think these reception desks are beautiful, and apparently you can back light onyx for a more dramatic effect.

Photos from The Rock Masonry, Intrepid, Tile Depot in Victorville, and R Dream Kitchens.

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