Monday, October 19, 2009

Kelly Wearstler

I told myself I would never post about Kelly Wearstler. Not because I don't totally respect and admire her, because I do, but because she's everywhere! I try to shy away from talking about the overly talked about or specifying overly used fabric, etc. But this time I can't help it.

When working on more modern or contemporary projects I tend to look at Metropolitan Home for inspiration and good resources. I came across this really interesting beach house and was enthralled by the colors (subdued but not understated or boring) and the depth (many different textures, interesting artwork, interesting proportions of furniture and accessories, and really great architectural details). So I look to see who the designer is and low and's Kelly Wearstler. Here are some photos from Metropolitan Home of her killer beach house in Malibu.

I also wouldn't mind having her wardrobe.

In the last 2 weeks, I even found myself suggesting this Kelly Wearstler fabric to a client. She seems to have something useful for every interior.

Katana - Mocha/Cream From Groundworks for Lee jofa

Kelly Wearstler has a couple of different fabric lines, rugs and accessory lines, and an interior design firm that has done some of the most talked about hotels and residences in recent years. She'll be the David Hicks and the Dorothy Draper of 2050 where people revisit her style and write books about her after she's gone. But all with good reason; she's pretty much the bee's knees when is comes to style and originality.

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