Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Bridal Shower

Yesterday I threw a breakfast bridal shower for my sister Melissa. I've never done a bridal shower before, but I quite enjoyed myself. My mom is an awesome cook so she took care of the food, and I was in charge of decor (of course) and activities. It was so much fun planning and putting everything together. I even thought that perhaps I would trade in interior design for event planning, or at least add it to my list of services offered.

My dad, handyman extroidenaire, helped me hang the lanterns (purchased from Asian Ideas - best price on paper lanterns I found) and he also decorated the chocolate cookies on the tables. Each cookie is uniquely designed, I guess I know where my creative side comes from. My mom's food was amazing and even though she is always second guessing herself, everyone is always impressed with her cooking.

For the table decorations I purchased the paper and favor boxes from Paper Source and bought the flowers from Orange County Wholesale Flowers to create the arrangments. And for a special occassion such as this, I had to break out grandma's real silverware...perfect for my english garden theme.

Special thanks to Ali, Wendy, and Marci for letting me use their adorable backyard, my parents for all their hard work, and Paul for helping me with the favor boxes.


  1. By far one of the cutest showers I have ever attended!! No detail was left out!! I think you should definitely add event planning on your list of expertise's! Thanks again for inviting us!! I'm so glad we got to be a part of this gorgeous shower and enjoy the day with you guys!!

  2. Wow! This looks beautiful! What a delightful bridal shower!!

  3. It turned out gorgeous. Loved it Britt. FANTASTIC.

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